Born and raised in Austin, Tx as the only child, Justin Humphrey began using his imagination at an early age to keep his self entertained. After experimenting with photography, Justin began his film making journey in high school. In his junior year he discovered his passion to write, direct, film, and edit images to tell cinematic stories. and became intrigued with the artistic process of film making.

Since his introduction to film making in high school, Justin began expermenting with different cameras and creative projects which prepared him for the "DSLR revolution". When this shift happened, everything changed. His visual stories came to life as a result of this monumental increase in image quality.

Since this shift, Justin went on to film and edit short films, promotional videos, music videos, and numerous creative projects that showcased his ability to connect his client's story with their audience.

Justin is constantly stretching his creative abilities and experimenting with alternative methods of story telling.

Justin brings accountability and artistic integrity to every project and endeavor he works on. His creative vision, determination, and skills is what propels him to be recognized among the global community of creative greats.